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About Us

Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. is a well established commercial real estate company, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, providing development, leasing, property management, tenant representation and consulting services. Since the early 1960's, the company has been actively involved in the office, retail, and multifamily sectors of the commercial real estate business in the Triangle Area. Today, the Company proudly represents a variety of corporate and individual ownership groups and maintains one of the highest performance records to its investors.

Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. has established a reputation of producing unique and innovative commercial properties that provide an attractive work environment and increase the efficiency and productivity of the work force. The Company built its first building in 1964, and today Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest commercial real estate firms in the Triangle Area.

The Company currently owns, leases and manages approximately 1.6 million square feet of Class A office, medical, mutlifamily and retail space.

Our Mission Statement

For Our Tenants

To produce unique and innovative commercial buildings that provide an attractive work environment and increase the efficiency and productivity of the work force;

To provide the highest level of service, expertise and integrity in our development, property management, leasing and consulting services;

For Our Employees

To provide a stable work environment that encourages personal growth and well being, and to recognize the valuable contributions that

our employees make are an integral part of our success;

For Our Investors

To provide consistent attractive returns by maximizing property value;

For Our Community

To provide responsible and attractive development that enhances the landscape and improves the quality of life in our area.


Awards & Recognition

Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance, Oberlin Village, Raleigh, NC

Award given by the City of Raleigh in recognition of an Outstanding Contribution toward enhancing the beauty of the City of Raleigh

Imprint Award, 222 Glenwood, Raleigh, NC

Award given by Downtown Raleigh Alliance recognizing and celebrates projects that significantly contribute to the identity of downtown Raleigh.

Golden Leaf Award for Community Appearance, Ninth Street North, Durham, NC

Triangle Business Journal Lists:
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Class A Office Buildings – The Atrium
Mr. Joseph Meir, is a past president of the Triangle Area Office Building Association (TRAOBA)


Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
How old is Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. and what services do you provide?
The company originally began with its first commercial development, in 1964, as EV Investments, and began its commercial property management at that time. The name was converted to Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. in the late 1980’s as a full-service commercial real estate company. We provide a full complement of commercial real estate services, including building development, brokerage and leasing, property management, and consulting services.
How much space has Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. developed?
Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. has developed, owned or managed over 1.6 million square feet of commercial and multi-family space, consisting primarily of class "A" office and retail buildings.
Does Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. have the personnel to deliver what I need?
Our management team has been with Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. for an average of over 15 years; our other highly trained staff average over 10 years experience in the business. Our team has worked together for many years, and, with our diverse educations and backgrounds, we provide an impressive depth of expertise.
As a business owner or manager, why do I need Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. to manage a building?
Our properties are within the Raleigh-Durham area, close to our office in West Raleigh (at 2501 Blue Ridge Road), and we have a superintendent assigned to each of our buildings. Our team has worked together for many years, and we can offer much knowledge and experience in property management, building maintenance, and construction.
As a business owner or manager, why do I need Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. to develop a building?
Developing a building is a substantial and lengthy undertaking that requires a great deal of experience and expertise. Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. will manage the entire process as needed, including governmental entitlements, schematic design, construction documents and specifications, financing, and construction administration. We will represent your interests first and foremost. We will save time and money for you, and help you avoid costly mistakes. Unless you have in-house personnel with strong development experience, simply hiring an architect and contractor is not enough.
What types of buildings does Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. develop and manage?
Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. has extensive experience developing numerous types of buildings. We have developed numerous Class A office buildings, medical office buildings, retail and restaurant space. We have even developed a number of urban mixed use buildings including office over retail and multi-family over retail. Most of our buildings contain parking structures including covered parking under the building or deck parking.
Does Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. provide development services on a fee basis?
Yes, we have developed numerous buildings on a "turn-key" basis for a fee. We will customize our services and fee structure based on the requirements of the project and your preferences. We can even guarantee the price and schedule. We can also include incentives to encourage savings in time and money.
Does Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. own buildings with user-occupants?
Yes, we can partner with you and can acquire or develop a building to suit your needs. Many companies, including some healthcare providers, prefer this structure. We will provide our real estate expertise and share in the risks. We can obtain needed financing. We will structure an agreement to help you achieve your building and investment objectives.
Can Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. help me find space to lease or property to purchase?
Yes, Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. brokers can represent you and help you find space to lease or property to purchase. We represent both small and large companies, retailers and restaurant owners. We have an extensive knowledge of the markets and access to listings throughout the areas that we serve. We will help you determine your needs and find the best real estate solution.
Does Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. lease and manage only those properties that it previously developed and retains an ownership interest?
Because of Blue Ridge Realty's proven success over many years, many unrelated third-party owners have selected Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. to lease and manage their properties. In fact, approximately one-quarter of the buildings that we lease and manage are for such owners.
What kind of consulting can Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. provide?
From its extensive experience and expertise, Blue Ridge Realty, Inc. provides real estate consulting services to property owners, owner occupants, institutions, attorneys, accountants, and others. This consulting may involve a detailed analysis involving development, financing, property management, or sale of a property. We can serve as your in-house real estate department.

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